FLEX is a freshman leadership organization that was founded in 2015.


FLEX 's Mission & Purpose: The purpose of FLEX is to provide freshmen with an opportunity to expand their Aggie Network through meeting new freshmen, upperclassmen, and guest speakers. This is an opportunity for freshmen to develop, mature, and build lasting friendships through social events and service to the community, both on and off-campus. FLEX encourages freshmen to seek excellence and show leadership in all aspects of their college careers: both academically and socially, and both inside and outside of FLEX.

The Basics:

FLEX has 74 staff members (15 Zone Leaders and 5 Execs, 36 Bigs, 18 Grandbigs), and we're looking to find 72 freshmen. Dues are $65 for the fall semester with the spring semester dues TBD, and they pay for retreats, a FLEX t-shirt, and FLEX meetings.


Meetings are mandatory and will be held every Monday night from 8:00-9:00 on Zoom.

Retreats & Events

We have a Fall Retreat and a Spring Retreat that takes place on facilities outside of campus/out-of-town. Additionally, the Social Zone organizes the Fall Semi-Formal and Spring Banquet along with other social events such as Holiday Party, Co-Zone Events, and more. Public Relations organizes a Family Weekend event annually for FLEX members and their families as well.

Service & Leadership

Throughout the year, FLEX provides service opportunities for members including visiting the local retirement homes, participating in Shackathon for Habitat for Humanity, bake sales, volunteering at the Brazos Valley Foodbank, and more. Members are encouraged to develop and practice leadership through their zone, hearing from guest speakers, team building activities during general meetings, and seeking opportunities outside of FLEX. Additionally, the Leadership Development Zone organizes a Leadership Conference each year.


Zones are where work gets done. Freshmen are divided into five zones: Leadership Development, Service, Social, Fundraising, and Public Relations. Each zone is led by three Zone Leaders. Zones help develop leadership skills. Freshmen are in charge of coming up with and planning events throughout the year. Each zone meets once a week.

Big/Little Program

The Big/Little program provides support to the freshmen during their first year. Freshmen are put into "families" that are led by a pair of bigs and a grand big. Bigs hold hangouts for their freshmen. This gives freshmen a chance to interact with people outside their zones. There are 18 "families" in FLEX.