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Leadership Development - Sam, Thomas, & Anthony


Leadership Development’s objective is to build leaders in today’s society and strengthen relationships amongst the FLEX family. We are here to equip you with the leadership skills that will prepare you for your post-FLEX journey. While running the internal operations of FLEX, we want to encourage a positive, comfortable, and energetic atmosphere for all members. Leadership Development allows freshmen to advance their communication, interpersonal skills, and professionalism through opportunities such as professional workshops. Freshmen involved with Leadership Development will lead meetings, invite public speakers, organize activities for all of FLEX, and plan our fall retreat. We as LD strive to establish freshmen leaders and challenge them to step out of their comfort zone while also encouraging them along the way.

Service - Shae, Riley, & Owen

Service’s objective for the year is to provide freshmen with opportunities to grow as leaders in their community through trust, friendship, and selfless service. Since FLEX is a half-social, half-service FLO, we are kinddd of a big deal (carrying 50% of the FLO). We strive to establish the importance of community service and giving back to the Bryan/College Station area. We participate in activities such as canned good drives, The Big Event, and Build, where we turn shipping crates into medical clinics for the less fortunate. We will also be planning a philanthropy event where we will donate the proceeds to our nonprofit organization! This year, we look forward to giving freshmen the power to select the service opportunities they’ll be participating in, allowing the freshman to cultivate a zone that prioritizes community service and interpersonal connection. Through selflessly serving others, our Zone helps to professionally develop our freshmen and provide a different perspective that enhances our community.

Fundraising - Colby, Jordyn, & Sofia

The purpose of the fundraising zone is to provide the funds needed to create a framework that guides and supports the work of Freshman Leaders Establishing Excellence (FLEX). We focus on the allocation and redistribution of funds for a multitude of gratifying FLEX-exclusive and TAMU-wide events. In order to raise these funds, the fundraising zone helps organize and advertise bake sales, profit shares, sports tournaments, apparel sales, interactive games such as assassins, and even more. The FR freshmen are guided with the help of the FR executive and zone leaders to organize and run these exciting events. Raising this money as a group promotes the organization’s mission as a whole, while encouraging the personal and professional development of organizational skills, financial responsibility, and collaborative efforts. Experience in fundraising is an essential component of life and leadership and gives the organization more opportunity as a whole. We hope for the freshmen to carry out and utilize these skills while at Texas A&M and throughout their lives to help not only themselves but those around them.

Public Relations - Renzo, Lexi, & Eliza

FLEX’s Public Relations (PR) zone strives to inspire creativity, uphold a positive reputation on campus, develop the skills to express their creative visions, and instill Aggie spirit in the incoming class of Freshmen Leaders Establishing eXcellence (FLEX). Zone responsibilities include designing FLEX merch, coordinating participation in Texas A&M traditions, managing social media accounts, and organizing events like study nights, FLEX tailgate, intramural sports, family weekend, and more. We as a zone seek to encourage involvement in both FLEX and university activities to allow freshmen to make the most of their college experience and help them establish a strong foundation for their future as an Aggie. 

Social - Shannon, Graham, & Deven

Our mission as Social is to create unity and organize opportunities for freshmen to make relationships throughout their first year of college. Out job is to plan events to help enhance the freshmen experience and unite all members of FLEX. We aim to improve FLEX by allowing freshmen to reach their full potential this coming year. We are so excited to plan Zone Reveal, Spring Retreat, Banquet, CoFlos, and Gumby's Nights. These events help build a sense of community and work to establish lifelong friendships within FLEX. The work of Social will continue to better FLEX as a whole so that our legacy continues to grow and inspire others. 

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