One time payment of $150

  • Cash or check only in a sealed envelope dropped in the FLEX lockbox in Koldus (building across from the MSC)


There is an opportunity for one freshman to be awarded a scholarship covering the FLEX dues.

  • Funded by David Pham, iconic FLEX legend from the inaugural class in 2015

  • Awarded based on financial need


Each semester, you must obtain points to remain an active member of FLEX. You will receive one point for every NON-MANDATORY event you attend.

Point Requirements

  • 3 FR points (profit shares, concessions, bake sales, games, etc.)

  • 2 LD point (outside leadership opportunities, career fairs)

  • 3 PR points (traditions, study nights, intramurals, etc.)

  • 3 Service points (Big Event, BUILD, retirement home, etc.)

  • 3 Social points (guys/girls night, FLEXgiving, semi formal, etc.)

  • 3 big/little family points

  • 1 FLEXIBLE point of your choice (could come from ANYwhere)


No Points/Insufficient Points = Probation

Weekly general meetings and zone meetings are mandatory. If you have to miss a meeting, please submit an appeal on MaroonLink.