Barrett Gregory '22

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Engineering 

Howdy y’all! My name is Barrett Gregory and I’m a sophomore engineering major from Houston, TX, but more importantly I’m one of the Social zone leaders for FLEX ’23! I’m an outdoorsy guy who loves fishing/hunting and I’m also an adrenaline junkie. I love to play Spikeball, and you can catch me rock climbing at the Rec or slacklining/hammocking in my free time. Working on old jeeps is one of my many passions (right now I’m restoring a ’79 Jeep CJ7). I’ve met some of my best friends and had my best memories in FLEX, and I know you’ll find that to be true for yourself! RUSH FLEX ’23!

Brynn Martin '22

Hometown: Southlake, TX
Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Howdy howdy! My name is Brynn Martin, and I’m a Mechanical Engineering major from Southlake, Texas. I laugh at EVERYTHING so if I don’t laugh at something it’s probably because it’s not funny!!! My all time love is spending quality time with people and deeps talks, and I have a talent for cleaning and organizing. I spend 90% of my life in lulu athleisure, and I could explain anything there is to know about the movie Interstellar. Most importantly though, I will be SERVING as one of your Service Zone Leaders for FLEX ‘23 :) I’m so excited to be apart of FLEX staff, so get ready for the greatest year yet!!!!

Cameron Jenkins '22

Hometown: Waco, TX
Major: Marketing 

 Hey Yo! Howdy! My name is Cameron Jenkins and I am a Business Marketing major from Waco, Texas. This year, I will be serving as one of your Public Relations zone leaders for the class of 2023! I am so excited for the new class of freshman and ready to get started! I am a very thrifty fellow and spend my time playing basketball or the xbox. I am an avid Indie guru and will probably bore you with my rambling. I love being with people so join FLEX and come hang!

Cameron Shafer '22

Hometown: The Woodlands, TX
Major: Industrial Distribution

¡Cómo estás Ags!! My name is Cameron Shafer and I am an Industrial Distribution Major from The Woodlands, Tx. I can’t wait to be one of the Leadership Development Zone leaders for FLEX 23’!! You can find me at Chikfila 4 times a week. I am a mediocre dancer and an even worse singer. I am a biggg dog fan so get ready for lots of dog pics. A fun fact about me is that I speak fluent Spanish and can’t roll my R’s. Now that you know a lil about me, I’m so excited to meet all of you!! #tamu23

Camryn McDaniel '22

Hometown: Leander, TX
Major: Psychology


My Name is Camryn McDaniel, and I am a sophomore psychology major from Leander, TX!! I am going to be one of YOUR social zone leaders this year for FLEX 23’! I love my golden retriever and OF COURSE Aggie Flex! FLEX, helped me find a group of people to go through freshman year with, and doing that I found friends that will last a life time. I am always up for a coffee date at Babes or Sweets and on a good day you can find me playing soccer at Penberthy with my girl Reagan. Also, Torchy’s is, in fact, better than Fuego. August can’t come fast enough for us, and we absolutely can’t meet you!!!

Carson Broe '22

Hometown: Austin, TX
Major: Computer Engineering 

Howdy! My name is Carson Broe and I am a Computer Engineering major from Austin Texas, but more importantly, I will be serving as one of your PR zone leaders for FLEX 23. I love dogs, Kanye, protein, and  spending time with the boys. Come find me in ZACH pretty much all the time. I’m so excited to meet all of you!

Courtland Campbell '22

Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX
Major: Supply Chain Management

Whaddup Boys & Girls, My name is Courtland Campbell & I’m a sophomore Supply Chain Management major from the Dirty Double C, Corpus Christi, TX!! I’m an avid fan of GoT, Aggie Football, and the Dallas Mavericks, and I’m down to go for sushi or ramen any day. I will be one of the Zone Leaders for SERVICE so get ready!!! I’m so excited to be on FLEX staff and I can’t wait to get this year started!

Gia Giacomel '22

Hometown: Arlington, TX
Major: Biomedical Sciences

        Greetings!! My name is Gia Giacomel, and I am a Biomedical Science major from Arlington, Texas. I am so excited to be serving as a Zone Leader for the Public Relations zone for FLEX ‘23!! I am an avid oldies listener, but I have an all over the place taste in music. You can catch me dancing along when there’s no music, shredding some gnar, doing chemistry homework (not by choice), or just hanging out hehe. Feel free to send me new music, or some tasteful memes. (surprise me) FLEX has brought me the best times in my college career, and I cannot wait to see what this next year will bring!!

Jolie Branch '22

Hometown: Abilene, TX
Major: Finance 

HOWDAAAY! My name is Jolie Kay Branch and I am a Business - Finance Major from Ovalo, Texas yeeee haw (Abilene since no one knows where that is!) I am always down to eat at chick-fil-a and I have the cutest dog in the whole world. I love going to the rec to play basketball or work out #sportzflo. Catch me staying up all night in Evans studying! But besides that I spend all my time with the lovely people in FLEX, during my freshman year I was blessed to build lifelong friendships with these amazing people and if you join FLEX you will to! Most importantly, I am SO EXCITED to be a Leadership Development (LIT D!!!) zone leader this year. So #rushflex and maybe I will be your ZL! :) Ts & Gs

Macy McConnie '22

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Major: Management 

ahhh howdyyy :,) I’m Macy McConnie, and I’m a business management major from good ol’ Tampa, Flo ri da. More importantly, I’m gonna be one of your flex ‘23 fundraising zone leaders (money gang for LIFE)!! Y’all can always catch me studying into the weee hours of the morning, roadtripping to some cool places or concerts (probs a COIN concert), doing anything outdoorsy/traveling/shredding some powpow && most importantly spending time with y'all!!! Flex has brought me my family away from home and the greatest memories of my college experience so far, and I’m ready to see all it’ll bring you. Beyond excited to meet y’all, flex ‘23; get ready for the ride of your life :,)

Nathan Bliss '22

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Biomedical Engineering

What’s up, it’s Nathan Bliss, the coolest FLEX Zone Leader. I’m a biomedical engineer from H-Town. I love anything outdoors, science related and am an avid dog lover. Feel free to give me music recommendations, I love everything from country to alternative. Catch me studying at Zach most of my time. Thanks and be sure to send me memes on instagram.

Nathan Ruffeno '22

Hometown: Friendswood, TX
Major: Business 

What’s happenin’ hot stuff. My name is Nathan Ruffeno and I am a sophomore business major from Friendswood, Texas, but most importantly and to your privilege, I will be serving as a Fundraising Zone Leader for the FLEX class of 2023!! My biggest claim to fame is knowing members of the band Duncan Fellows so please send good tunes my way. I like Topo Chico for the actual taste, prefer corduroy to any other fabric, and know Carhartt makes the best hats. If I am not at Goodwill, you will likely find my studying in a sad boi closest on Evans’ 4th floor and I am always down for late night joyrides. FLEX holds a special place in my heart and being a part of this organization has changed my life in more ways than I can count...I cannot wait to see how it will change y’all’s.

Olivia Brownworth '22

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Major: Chemical Engineering

Hey Howdy Hi!! My name is Olivia Brownworth and I am a chemical engineering major from Colorado Springs, CO. Let’s hear it for the out of state kids!! :) Get ready to have the most (so)chill freshman year with me as one of your social zone leaders!!! Even though I’ve grown to love texas, I’m still a mountain girl at heart. I love hiking, camping, fishing, bouldering, and skiing (the clear superior to snowboarding hehe), but here you’ll probably find me studying most of the time and hanging out with my other flexy friends!! If you can learn to bear all of the bad jokes that I have up my sleeve, then we’ll get along perfectly! FLEX gave me a family here in Texas and I can’t wait for all you guys to find your best friends too!

Reagan Gonzalez '22

Hometown: Victoria, TX
Major: Civil Engineering

Hey Howdy Hiya!! My name is Reagan Gonzalez, and I’m a Civil Engineering major from Victoria, TX. I am so excited to be one of the Fundraising Zone Leaders for FLEX ‘23! I love adventures and chocolate ice-cream. You can catch me watching Friends anytime of day or going ~thrifting~ at Goodwill. I’m probably the only Hispanic in the world who doesn’t like Mexican food, but don’t let that deter you from my awesome dance skills and sweet hugs hehe. I know cool things like all the president’s names and how to sound like a teapot :) FLEX made a family away from home for me, and it was hands down the best part of my freshman year. I can’t wait to love on all you new FLEXers <3

Shanle Longmire '22

Hometown: Austin, TX
Major: Psychology

Hey Hey!! My name is Shanle Longmire-Monford and I am a psychology major from Austin Texas. I am pumped to be serving you as one of your Service zone leaders for FLEX 23. I love basketball, dogs, cooking, board games, & a good Office reference. I made friends for life last year & I can not wait to see what this year has in store :)