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Abby Ross

Hometown: College Station, TX
Major: Allied Health

Zone: Leadership Development

What’s up guys!!!! My name is Abby Ross and I am an Allied Health major from College Station, Texas. I love hiking, coffee, music (not really country doe), and just hanging out with friends. Some of my favorite artists are Steve Lacy, Kanye, and Mac Miller!! One time I went backpacking up the highest peak in Colorado, Mt. Elbert. I love playing sports with my friends, especially soccer!! FLEX gave me a home my freshman year and I will forever be thankful for all of the friends it has blessed me with. I am SO excited to meet the Class of ‘26 so you all can have the same amazing experience I did! FLEX is family!! :)) Also- the last person on this page falls asleep anywhere and everywhere.


Amelia Cagle

Hometown: Allen, TX
Major: Biology

Zone: Social

HEY HEY!!! My name is Amelia Cagle and I’m a biology major???? from Allen, TX. I’m a proud country music fan, despite always living in the suburbs my whole life, and my favorite artists include Zach Bryan, John Pardi, The Lumineers and old Taylor Swift. I love working with children, spontaneous road trips, 1 am Evans vibes, going for hot girl walks, BTHO any other school, and nighttime swimming. My favorite memories in FLEX are tied between a camping trip, FLO bowl, and spring retreat, especially when it snowed :) FLEX taught me what it was like to love and accept everyone for who they are and how to find people who could encourage me to be a better person. Also the girl above me is rumored to be captain underpants sidekick.


Claire Russo

Hometown: Frisco, TX
Major: Child Professional Services

Zone: Leadership Development

HEYO!!!! My name is Claire Russo and I am a Child Professional Services major from Frisco, TX!! (My major does not mean I steal children. Despite popular opinion.) I love music, Spotify users rise up!!! I have playlists for every mood I am in, and country is for sure mixed in there. I am not talking about cheesy Luke Bryan, I am talking Flatland Cavalry, Chris Stapleton, Cody Johnson type beat. I love all sorts of genres and so down to share songs with you!! Some facts I would consider fun about myself is that I have lived in three states, I had an obsession with Big Time Rush when I was younger and even met them #claimtofame, you can contact me at, I could eat Italian food for every meal of the day, and I can do a crisp dab. Being in FLEX has genuinely changed my life because it taught me to be my genuine and authentic self because you are surrounded by people who encourage you to do so. This org equipped me to be a leader and make an impact on campus. My favorite memories in FLEX are too many to count, but the top tier ones were annihilating in FLO bowl, transporting a bat trapped in Evans to outside the building and setting it free, and our zone retreat in Austin. The girl above me thought she was lava girl and dyed her hair pink at one point…


Emma TenBrink

Hometown: Plano, TX
Major: Sports Management

Zone: Social

Hi!! I’m Emma TenBrink. And I'm a ginger! Oh, I'm also a Sports Management Major from Plano, Texas. I love caffeine! my family! my friends! my dog! and working out! Everyone talked about music, so I guess I will too. I love all kinds of music. You would have never guessed it, but I’m a hugeeeee Kanye fan. Besides Kanye, I love all things country and anything hype. Rumor has it gingers have no soul, but I like to think FLEX gave me one! FLEX is one big happy family. FLEX brought me my best friends and so many opportunities. These people and opportunities have pushed me to become a better student, leader, and friend!! #rushFLEX. Btw, the girl above me would never admit it, but she loves to roll in the grass!


Isabel Delfin

Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Major: Communications

Zone: Service

Hi ppl. My name is Izzy Delfin and I’m a communications major from San Antonio, Texas. I love concerts, hanging out with friends and family, finding new coffee shops, and traveling! I love all things music but especially Harry Styles and Tyler the Creator. My favorite pastime is rotting on all platforms of social media. If you ever have aux in my car, DO NOT PUT ON COUNTRY MUSIC. Fun fact: I have 10,000 points on the McDonald’s app. My favorite memory from FLEX ‘25 was my zone retreat. I felt so much closer to my entire zone after spending the entire weekend with them. The person above me is Ed Sheeran.


Jack Bridges

Hometown: The Woodlands, TX
Major: Industrial Distribution

Zone: Fundraising

Hey y'all! I’m Jack Bridges, a sophomore Industrial Distribution major from The Woodlands, Texas! Whenever I’m not studying (which is pretty often), I enjoy spending time with friends, going to the gym, procrastinating, showing up late to important events, consuming unhealthy amounts of redbull, or talking people's ears off about cars and my Jeep - ask me about my job! Some of my favorite activities are driving with my windows down, pretending like I know the lyrics to songs and eating good food. My favorite hot take is that pineapple belongs on pizza, and any other opinion is wrong. I go through phases of enjoying and hating country music, usually depending on the weather / season. Not to flex (pun intended), but I have scuba dived in a Volcano, flown a plane, and was the student of the year in 5th grade (I’ve fallen off since then). My favorite memory of Flex ‘25 was watching the fightin Texas Aggies beat the hell out of Bama with all my favorite flexers! The person above me would do anything to eat Taco Bell w/ Harry Styles.


James Cochran

Hometown: Kingwood, TX
Major: Sports Management

Zone: Social

HOWDY! My name is James Cochran and I’m a Sports Management major from Kingwood, TX. Driving in the car? Country music. Studying? Country music. Working out? Country music. I love country music please talk to me about it! I love playing sports, hanging with friends, playing Fall Guys, lifting, Aggie game days, and watching Top Gun. My favorite FLEX memory was growing in relationships with everyone during FLO bowl and practicing with one another leading up to performing in front of every FLO and had a blast of a time. FLEX has taught me appreciated for diversity of thought and how to have genuine intentional relationships that last lifetimes. BTW the guy above me loves copying peoples fits and joined a fake frat.


Jason Park

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Management Information Systems

Zone: Leadership Development

WHAT UP!! My name’s Jason and I’m a sophomore Management Information Systems major from Houston, TX. Besides being the coolest, smartest, and sexiest person you’ll ever meet, I love to listen to all kinds of music except country (big Kanye fan), have an abnormal obsession with New Balance 990s, love to have late night talks with the boys, and you can often see me eating my sorrows away at Chipotle (The guy above me is also the biggest simp in FLEX). FLEX changed my life forever because it gave me a home away from home and allowed me to meet so many amazing people that I would’ve never crossed paths with if I hadn’t been in FLEX <3. I can’t wait to meet the Class of ‘26 so you guys can have the same life changing experience as I did! Get HYPED!!


Jedi Jones

Hometown: Sugar Land, TX
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Zone: Public Relations

Hey guys! My name is Jedi Jones, and I’m a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Sugar Land, Texas (aka The Dirty Shug). In my free time, I like to go on late night Whataburger runs, play sports, hop on Xbox, and outlift Tre at the gym, easily. I am also an avid Jackbox enthusiast and champion. I love rap music but absolutely HATE country (except Devil went Down to Georgia, banger). Some fun facts: I can’t do a cartwheel, own a purple lightsaber, and have peak unspoken rizz (ask Izzy). My favorite memory in Flex is going to Fuego at 3am with everyone after a long night of studying at Evans Library. For me, Flex gave me the chance to meet people that I know will be standing next to me at my wedding, and that’s an experience I hope to give to the Class of ‘26. The person above me knows all Fortnite dances and will do them when requested!


Joseph Valenta

Hometown: Georgetown, TX
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Zone: Service

Howdy partners! My name is Joseph Valenta and I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Georgetown, Texas. When I’m not grinding in Evans you can find me in the Rec, hanging out with my friends, or going dancing. I am a big fan of country music, more specifically Texas and Red Dirt country. Being in FLEX my freshman year let me make so many incredible memories and is where I made so many of my closest friends. My favorite memory from my Freshman year was working with my fellow freshman to make our shack. I look forward to meeting FLEX 26’! The person above me dyes his mustache.


Leah Shaw

Hometown: Lexington, TX
Major: Poultry Science

Zone: Public Relations

GOOOOOD MORNING! I’m Leah Shaw and my major is _____? I am from Lexington, Texas. In between trying to figure out a major and having to go to Discount Tire (I went 8 times last year), I like to listen to all types of music, hanging out with my friends, and either iced coffee or tea or boba. Some things about me: I listen to an odd amount of SoundCloud remixes. FLEX is so many things but my favorite part of it is that you make it what you want it to be- whether it be a group of people you see at 8:30 every Monday night or a group of people that become family, it’s yours to decide. I like country music. The guy above me is legally married to his cow in India.


Lily Cloud

Hometown: Dripping Springs, TX
Major: English

Zone: Fundraising

Oh hey there! My name is Lily Cloud and I am a sophomore English Major from Dripping Springs, Texas (right next to Austin). When I am not busy reading Shakespeare, you can find me outside in nature, bird watching or admiring plants. I love all types of music (even some country), I have a sick vinyl collection, and know all the words to a song after one listen. I’m a golf enthusiast, so if you wanna hear about my hole-in-one, come find me. My favorite FLEX memory was when we would have picnics at Lake Bryan and our late-night Waffle House runs. FLEX creates an environment where everyone can be themselves and is welcomed with open arms. FLEX ’26, you guys are going to have the best year ever and I cannot wait to meet all of you!! (The girl above me also responds to the name Kevin)


Shelby Colvin

Hometown: Uvalde, TX
Major: Animal Science

Zone: Fundraising

Hey shawties! My name is Shelby Colvin and I'm an Animal Science major from Uvalde, TX. I have a dog named Chief who is actually the FLEX mascot. I love reading, baking, and working out (I bench 185 btw). If I'm not at class or the rec, I’m studying at a coffee or boba shop. Twitter is my favorite social media. I like most country music (I drive a truck). I live laugh love FLEX. My favorite part of flex was my big fam shoutout BDSM fam. The girl above me can't eat anything except nuts.


Tre Gilford

Hometown: New Waverly, TX
Major: Public Health

Zone: Service

What's up guys! *insert country accent* My name is Tre Gilford and I am a sophomore Public Health major from New Waverly, Texas (AKA Houston). I personally am a big fan of country music, my friends call me the Undercover Cowboy ;). In my free time I like to take late night drives around College Station, try-out new foods with friends, and consistently beat Jedi in all Wii sports. My embarrassing trait is that I still say “lowkey” religiously. I find any excuse to use ranch with any kind of food that I eat. I also lift sometimes, but it’s not my whole personality unlike my good friend James. My favorite thing about FLEX is how it is so inclusive and from the time that I joined I felt that I had found my people for life. Flex 26’ I can’t wait for you to find your forever friends through this life-changing organization! The girl above me has humbled me in the gym… MULTIPLE TIMES.


Will Bryan

Hometown: Prosper, TX
Major: Nutrition

Zone: Public Relations

What’s up!! My name is Will Bryan and I am a nutrition major from Prosper, Texas. I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and working out. A couple fun things about me is that I’ve moved five times and once had a Venus flytrap as a pet. My mullet is better than Jedi’s, but he can beat me in an arm wrestle. I LOVE country so if you ever need someone to listen with I love listening to Midland and Old Dominion. During the school year you can find me studying or eating lunch with FLEXers. FLEX gave me everything this year and I’ve met friends who have changed my life, so I can’t wait to join y’all in having the year of your LIFE! I also love to make fun of the guy in front of me but they told me to keep it short, so I’ll just say that he’s got a big head and he talks like Honey Boo Boo.

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