Alex Kiszkiel '23

Hometown: Montgomery, TX
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Zone: Fundraising

Wassup! My name is Alex Kiszkiel and I am a Sophomore Biomedical Engineering major from Montgomery, Texas. I am a big go with the flow guy and love spontaneous adventures and just doing stupid stuff with friends. I love to cook and bake bread and I can honestly say bread has gotten me to where I am in my college career. FLEX made my freshman year one of the best years of my life so here I am repaying the favor. Just know that y’all about to have the best freshman year and that’s on baby!

Audrey Supan '23

Hometown: Fairview, TX
Major: Journalism

Zone: Fundraising

AYOOOOO. My name is Audrey Supan and I’m a Journalism major from Fairview, Texas. My ~perfect~ day would be sitting outside in Colorado, chatting about all things cool/quirky music over a nice cup of coffee. Hit me up if you ever wanna take a drive with bumpin' tunes, snuggle!!!!, find a new coffee shop, discover new places to hike and or swimming holes?!?!, go to a music festival, make breakfast (the superior meal of the day), or dance in my living room!! FLEX provided me with the support system I cherish to this day & I would not be who I am now without the incredible humans I encountered during my FLO experience. Get ready for one of the best years of your life!

Berkley Powell '23

Hometown: Marble Falls, TX
Major: Telecommunication Media Studies 

Zone: Service

Hey there Howdddddyyyy! My name is Berkley Powell and I’m a Telecommunication major from Marble Falls, Texas. I spend a lot of my free time “studying” in Evans Library and showcasing my terrible dance moves. If you need someone to revive the classic dab or whip, I’m your guy. I’m a big film buff, so please send me some movie recommendations! (But I’m not a snooty film buff. Let’s talk about Mamma Mia.) I’m a self-proclaimed genius, dog lover, and FLEX fanatic. I am so grateful for this organization and all the joy it brings! Love you FLEX ‘24!

Bethany Stewart '23

Hometown: Rockwall, TX
Major: Kinesiology

Zone: Social

Ahh howdy!! My name is Bethany Stewart and I am a Kinesiology-Athletic Training major from Rockwall, Texas. I am an avid fan of avocados, sloths, and matcha. When I am not doing puzzles or taking naps with my Squishmallow, you will probably find me somewhere in Evans (6th floor=the best) or hanging with my FLEX friends (soon to be you)! FLEX made the biggest impact on my freshman year and I cannot wait for it to do the same to yours. FLEX ‘24, get ready for the best year yet!!

Brenham Burgess '23

Hometown: Round Rock, TX
Major: Blinn Team

Zone: Service

Howdy! My name is Brenham Burgess and I am in the Blinn Team program at A&M. I'm a huge fan of the outdoors and spend practically all of my free time fishing or hunting. On top of this I can never get enough time with the boys and I literally don’t listen to anything that isn’t country music. FLEX allowed me to create a family here at A&M and helped me become a much better version of myself through the amazing people in this organization. I can’t wait for FLEX ‘24 to experience the same amazing things I did this upcoming year!


Bryan Ponzio '23

Hometown: Bryan, TX
Major: Geographic Information Science & Technology

Zone: Public Relations

Hello friends!! My name is Bryan Ponzio from Bryan, Texas (parents got real creative, I know) and I am a sophomore GIS major. I love to spend my time watching sports, listening to music, or hanging out with friends. I love having a good time, I pretty much always have a smile on my face. FLEX has introduced me to so many amazing people and I can’t wait for this organization to do the same for y’all. I can’t wait to meet every one of you!

Cesar Mendoza '23

Hometown: Plano, TX
Major: Biology 

Zone: Public Relations

Hey! Howdy! Ho! My name is Cesar Mendoza, and I’m a sophomore Biology major from Plano, Texas! I love listening to and discovering new music despite having never been to a concert/music festival. I enjoy being active and working out whenever I have time on my hands. The way to my heart is breakfast for dinner and thrifting for hours only to end up buying a single shirt. FLEX has provided me with my greatest support system and introduced me to a group of unconditionally loving people with whom I can share my college experiences with. I am beyond thrilled to welcome the class of 2024 into our family.


Cheylee Stewart '23

Hometown: San Angelo, TX
Major: Communication

Zone: Leadership Development

Yo!!! My name is CheyLee Stewart and I am a sophomore communication major from San Angelo, Texas (yeehaw). I love shopping, friends (the show and the people), traveling, and all things spontaneous. The way to my heart is 100% sweet tea or just a really good hug - after social distancing is over of course. You can usually find me wherever my friends are, most definitely in athletic clothes and I’ll probably be laughing.  FLEX has given me some of the best people I’ve ever known and made my freshman year everything I could have wished for and more. I can’t wait for FLEX ‘24 to become a part of the family! Love ya, mean it.

Connor Hanna '23

Hometown: Tyler, TX
Major: Allied Health

Zone: Social

What’s up?! My name is Connor Hanna and I am a sophomore Allied Health Major from Tyler Texas. I am a big music guy so all music needs to be sent my way, got it?! Okay, good. I also love to spend time with my family because where would we be without them. FLEX really made me the best version of myself. I am forever grateful for what this organization has done for me and I just want to be able to give back. I CANNOT WAIT for all of you to find a home in FLEX so get excited for an awesome year!

Courtney Duran '23

Hometown: Missouri City, TX
Major: Education EC-6

Zone: Public Relations

Heyo! My name is Courtney Duran and I’m a sophomore Education major from Missouri City, Texas. In my free time, you can catch me putting ranch on anything I eat or shopping (online of course, thanks corona). FLEX gave me a welcoming, inclusive space during my freshman year where I was able to find the most genuine and real people which is why I cannot wait to help foster the same environment. I am beyond excited to meet each and every one of you and have the best year together!

Deyton Edwards '23

Hometown: Gilmer, TX
Major: Psychology 

Zone: Leadership Development

Hiya!!!! My name is Deyton Edwards and I am a sophomore psychology major from Gilmer, Texas!! I am a diehard advocate for Chuy’s Creamy Jalapeno and Chili’s Chicken Crispers *chef’s kiss*. My loves include cooking, parks, and MUSIC! Send your favorite songs my way tehe. :-) FLEX has brought me my best friends and some of the most important people in my life and I cannot wait to see the special people that it brings to you. FLEX ‘24 I am beyond ready to serve you this year! Buckle down and get ready, this is going to be the best year yet!!!

Emily Jones '23

Hometown: Everywhere!! I’m a military brat!!
Major: Allied Health

Zone: Social

My name is Emily, most call me Em :))) I am an Allied Health major from nowhere. Hehe...I’m just kidding, I just moved around my whole life, so people are my home, not a certain place! I am obsessed with long drives to nowhere, all music, hiking, and spending quality time with all my friends! I am obsessed with pickles, especially fried pickles. I love making new friends, you can never have enough of them :)  FLEX is my family and has become my home away from home. It has changed my life, and I am forever grateful for this organization. There is a place for every kind of person in FLEX, and I can’t wait for us to become your family too!! I love each and every one of you already, so get ready for all the love you are about to get!!

Jack Fuselier '23

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Major: Electrical Engineering

Zone: Leadership Development

Howdy guys! My names Jack and I’m an electrical engineering student from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I usually end up studying a bunch because engineering sucks, but in my free time, I like to hop on the Xbox or go to the rec if I’m feeling athletic. I’m a big fan of Pelicans basketball, and I’ve been watching a lot of anime recently (which means I don’t talk to girls). Since I’m from out of state, I didn’t know anybody on campus at first, but FLEX really became my family this year and I’m super stoked to meet all of you! 🤙

Meagan Davis '23

Hometown: Forney, TX
Major: Communication

Zone: Service

Kachowdy, names Meagan aka ᵐᵉᵃᵍᵃⁿ. I sat down one day and decided I wanted to tell people breaking news in my pajamas, so I’m a communication major. Forney, TX born n raised. 3rd-year sophomore shooting for 4th. My favorite place to be is in my hammock. I hammock unconventionally, it’s more of a butterfly cocoon setup. If you see me on campus make a secret handshake with me. I grew up shucking corn from 4 a.m to 2 p.m, 2 p.m was always wash time. I legally changed my middle name to “freaking” because I knew it was going to be a big hit with the kids and I wanted to stay hip. I’ve been practicing going super Saiyan so if you hear me screaming just mind your own business. My favorite snack without a doubt would have to be Nutter Butters. Peanut shaped peanut snacks (who thinks of that?). I’m beyond excited to be part of FLEX 24, get ready for your life to be changed.

Robert Overly '23

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Zone: Fundraising

Howdy! My name is Robert and I’m a mechanical engineering major from Houston. When I’m not grinding physics or calculus I enjoy listening to classic rock and rap, watching good movies, playing Xbox with the homies, and treating myself to Whataburger patty melts. FLEX introduced me to some of the best friends I have and made my freshman year better than I ever could’ve imagined, and I’m more than excited to make that happen for FLEX ‘24!